Arman Powder Lorestan company, top exporter and producer of micronized powders

Our Products:

Calcium Carbonate

Calcium carbonate is an exceptional mineral making up about 4% by weight of crust and it occurs all over the world

Coated Calcium Carbonate

coated Calcium carbonate is used in rubber, plastic, paints and polymeric materials such as PVC and poly propylene


Talc is used in building paints, industrial and automobile coatings, polymer and plastic making, electric cables, natural rubber, ceramics, lubricants and greasy materials, soap, paper, cosmetics and hygienic products, lubricant products, welding and metalworking indicators, ceramic and glazing , etc


Ocher is used in paints, construction materials including asphalt, brick, concrete and other materials


Barite is the most common Barium mineral which occurs stochstically and sometimes is concentrated in large amounts like veins or layers

Company Goals:

Utilization of modern production methods

manufacturing top products and supply of competitive products in domestic and foreign markets


we always prioritize customer satisfaction and production is performed directed at customer needs

offering kinds of packaging

in this company, packaging is offered ranging from 25 kg to 2 tons as per customer order

export of top quality products

one of the most important goals of this company is to produce and export high quality products

offering high quality products in domestic and foreign markets

this company offers its products indomestic and foreign markets


this company always strive to satisfy customers by timely delivery of products in accordance with customer needs

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photo report on production process in Arman Powder Lorestan Co. located in Aligudarz city as a top producer of micronized mineral and industrial powders. relying on its employees, this company strives to improve the quality of products and increase customer satisfaction through the efforts of personnel

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